= cock ; dick ; knocker ; pecker ; wood ; schlong ; knob ; dong ; one-eye(d) monster ; prick ; donger. 

Ex.: She loves taking a cock in the twat and another in the ass.

Ex.: I did what she wished obediently and touched the electrified fence with the head of my dick.

Ex.: And as soon as he whipped out his knocker, Rose's rosy lips was already all over it in seconds!.

Ex.: No matter how much I shake my pecker after a piddle, I still end up with yellow stains on my Y-fronts.

Ex.: It's a common accident during doggy style sex to stick your wood in the wrong hole.

Ex.: Maybe the guy was just proud of his schlong and wanted to show it off.

Ex.: He slid into me gently and I rocked myself slowly back and forth on his knob.

Ex.: He's a sex symbol and he's benefited from it and his dong wouldn't be a 'thing' if he wasn't flashing his bulge around all the time.

Ex.: He was the all-time super porn star of the 70s/80s who was known far and wide for his one-eyed monster.

Ex.: The fact that she still had the gun pointed at him didn't stop his prick from growing in her mouth.

Ex.: When the call of nature caused them to go to the men's room at the same time, Fred could hardly ignore the fact that Chas was very well endowed and said 'That's a remarkable donger you have there old boy'.


» ¡al carajo todo!sod this for a lark!stuff this for a lark!screw this for a lark!blow this for a lark!bugger this for a lark!fuck this for a lark! .

Ex.: Well eventually I thought sod this for a lark and spent several days scouring the web for solutions.

Ex.: So stuff this for a lark I'll find some testosterone on the Internet and start self-medicating.

Ex.: According to the Bible, after six days God said screw this for a lark, I'm having a nap.

Ex.: Blow this for a lark, I'm off to see men taking clothes off in air-conditioned surroundings.

Ex.: Finally, after another twenty minutes, one of them said: 'Bugger this for a lark, he should have been here hours ago'.

Ex.: And then halfway through our rehearsals we thought, well, fuck this for a lark, and we abandoned the whole thing .

» irse al carajogo + pear-shaped [Pincha en "-shaped2" para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]go to + shitgo + belly up [Coloquial]go + tits upbecome + a shamblesgo for + a Burtongo out (of) + the windowfly out (of) + the window .

Ex.: The test on the new machines went pear-shaped: nothing really worked properly and they had to install everything again.

Ex.: The reason this country is going to shit is because we're not willing to give up our creature comforts, not willing to get off our asses and do something about it.

Ex.: Our ISP (Internet Service Provider) went belly up 10 days ago and we have been unable to send & receive emails since.

Ex.: At least Justin will have his 100 million dollars to fall back on if things do go tits up = Al menos Justin tendrá sus 100 millones de dólares a donde echar mano, si todo se va al carajo.

Ex.: Over the course of a few months, her life became a shambles.

Ex.: The British economy has gone for a Burton.

Ex.: The lack of centralisation means that good management goes out the window and everything gets sloppier.

Ex.: When grandparents enter the door discipline flies out the window.

» mandar al carajosend + Nombre + packingbugger .

Ex.: Those who hold this view argued that the state government lacks the political will to send them packing for good.

Ex.: His method of dealing with crises, he explained, was to 'turn out the light, say "bugger everyone," and go to sleep'.

» todo + irse + al carajoeverything + go + out (of) the windoweverything + go + snafu .

Ex.: She knew it was a ruse, and it didn't make her feel great; she had promised to call, then everything went out the window when she got her marching orders to go up north again.

Ex.: Sometimes you get a period when everything goes snafu.

» véte al carajodrop dead!take a hike!take a long walk off a short pier .

Ex.: When President Ford was telling New York City to drop dead last month, he evoked a vision of the city as a wayward family to drive home his point.

Ex.: Leo is so angry that he basically told her to 'take a hike' -- he feels like he was wasting his time with her.

Ex.: I called the police about that and was impolitely told to take a long walk off a short pier for trying to spread such garbage.